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Ok so earlier in the month i asked if my Mobo would support a E6800 it did not... :( but when i did some digging on my processor i found that it FSB speed was slower than the new one (also suck) looking into overclocking FSB on mob didn't find anything so now im at a crossroads and these are my new choices for the upgrade
E3400 $49.99 @ Newegg
E5800 $76.99 @ Newegg
E5500 $77.99 @ newegg
I am not plaing on OCing mobo has very limited options and the reason why i haven't upgraded yet is because im 16 and unemployed so i need something to hold me over until i get a job SOOOOO quick replys??
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  1. Also will any of these processors bottleneck my Gigabyte gtx 260 896MB
  2. It's not worth spending money now on stuff that is so old. If your motherboard's FSB doesn't even support a 1333MHz CPU, you're literally only wasting money in buying something old now. Save the money and spare yourself a lot of disappointment later on.
  3. If you must upgrade, pick the cpu with the absolutely highest multiplier.
    E3400- 13
    E5500- 14
    E5800- 16
    The E5800 might not be too bad at 3.2GHz.
  4. Toxxyc i know that the upgrade is dire but the need for something for right now is pretty big to soo I must pick now lol, and cadder thanks for the post im going to be getting the E5800
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