AM3+ Running On AM3 Socket?

Ive got a Ga-870a-UD3 rev 2.1, Will i be able to use the new bulldozer cpu on this board ive heard rumors but are they true?
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  1. from rumor rumor said like that ... but according site gigabyte your Mobo Ga-870a-UD3 rev 2.1 is Am3 and no bios update for support BD

    i think no support..... because gigabyte produce New mobo series Socket AM3+ - 870
  2. not fair... looks like i may go intel then. Buts only if the fx doesnt put out some good numbers. That SB is working wonders for the gaming side
  3. SB for now is number 1 for game i5 2500K in becnhmark but i amd fanboysm still wait BD :), ithink ver fair .. like intel New CPU New mobo and AMD New CPU still old mobo although only certain that will support
  4. thats what i was looking at the 2500k plus you cant beat that price
  5. i need to get some good fps online for arma im only getting 30-60 but mainly 30. i5 are running some really good numbers with gtx 570's 60-100. If bd cant hold those numbers good chance ill go with the new 1155 socket
  6. it's all up to you ... just wait until the reviews really come .. :)
  7. Yeah thats what im going do to plus the big Bday is coming just hoping the reviews are in before lol.. i heard BD is coming sept 19 so lets see what happens
  8. good ... save your money it will better , Who knows the future CPU price will down because unveiled the SB-E and BD .. ha ha ha , that's what I like, CUT PRICE bro
  9. yes indeed lol
  10. I have GA-870A-UD3 Rev 3 and have checked with GA and it is AM3+ compatible, website not updated, if you check info on Rev 3 you will see the new logo, they all use the same BIOS.
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