Mpga478 socket confusion?

Hi guys iam sat here with a old hp nc6220 laptop running a intel pentium M @1.73Ghz (which claims to be a 479 socket processor) and its not a 479 socket its a Mpga478 the confusion is that im wanting to upgrade this laptop with a more powerful processor but the only good ones are for socket p.Now they ARE able to fit one another but not electronicly compatable but i keep hearing that some socket p processors DO work in the old mpga478 but i want to know what is the fastest processor to go in my nc6220. The fastest i have found is a pentium @ 2.26 ghz but i would like a dual core if it supports it that is.

,any suggestions thanks

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    It won't work. But I know the reverse (pentium m on 478 mobo) works via a ct-479 adapter. May be this is the source of confusion you get? Look at the motherboard specification, it will tell you which cpu is compatible.
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