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Looking For new Motherboard

I am looking for a new motherboard. My Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 has been acting up a bit. First of all when i plug in my ethernet cable it does not detect it. My budget is about $100.

Here are my spec:
Intel core i7 2600k
Nvidia GTX 560 ti
16 gb of ram
1 terrabyte of storage
650w antec 80plus bronze psu

I have an nzxt lexa s case but i am looking to get a new and better one.
I also use water cooling for my cpu.

-Combo deals would be great!
-Newegg preferably, but i live an hour away from Fry's electronics.
-Color scheme have some blue and black but that part doesn't really matter.
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  1. I can push $150 if needed.
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    Your MB is still under warranty with gigabyte. Why not try exchanging it for a new MB of the same model before spending money on a new MB?
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