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Is disabling AMD C1E and Cool&Quite is ok ?


I have a basic question which I hope you don't mind answering: (I did google for it but not really satisfied with search results thats why asking here)

I have X6 1090T and I overclocked it 3.8GHz with CPU-NB @ 2.4GHz. I was playing Crysis (original-2007 one, 64bit, DX10) with everything max and 4xAA; was getting good 40+ FPS but then suddenly 2-days ago I started getting frame drops which even went to 1-FPS and then game opens Menu. Resume game and with-in seconds it again drops to 1 or 2 FPS.

Then yesterday I tried disabling AMD C1E and Cool&Quite and my FPS issue gone. Now my confusion is:

-- Is disabling AMD C1E and Cool&Quite is fine ? My understanding is: Cool&Quite is to reduce CPU multiplier if its idle but C1E protects CPU. So is it save to disable both of them ?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. My system spec is in signature.
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    Yes its safe as long as you have checked you maximum temps. C&Q can cause crashes on overclocked systems, I found games crashed when I was not doing anything for more than 30 seconds.
  2. Thanks for quick reply.

    My Max temperature under Prime95 is 59C to 61C after some hours which I think is safe ? Obviously this is touching that much during Prime95 only. Going up-to 48C during gaming.

    And what about C1E ? What it does differently than C&Q ?
  3. Ooops just posting this to display my signature. As system specs is not present in first post :(
  4. vlad-miami said:
    Yes, it's absolutely safe. But you are gonna become hot and loud :D lol

    Thanks for reply; I am not worried about it now.

    For temperature I haven't noticed much difference even when idle thus fans are not making too much noise. Altough I think power consumption will remain maximum for CPU.

    Although I am still looking for some differences between C&Q and C1E.
  5. ddr3 1600 is not recommended for your CPU and it could shorten its lifespan or even damage some cores.
    I do know though that many overclockers were lucky so far, and therefore will disagree.
  6. You are right in some extent but I also overclocked CPU-NB thus in my opinion by doing this we are also increasing IMC from default 1333MHz to some higher value, right ?

    Also I never heard any thing about some actually damaged his CPU by using high speed DDR3.
  7. If stable not to worry , I alway's use my ram value + ramsink 1333 oced to 1600 everyday .. With raise vdim just litte not too much 1.58v - 1.62v. Fine and fine to Now
    , For C1E indentically with cool n quite (in my mobo called PowerNow) you can try test disabled and enabled and what different for stabillity your system. if your oced more than 30% (4Ghz) and vcore over 1.45 - 1.55 above ... I think better in disabled. If still. Not different disabled/enabled C1E in midle OC ..
  8. Thank you all for clearing my doubts. I will for now keep them disabled and see if everything is well else will try enabling and disabling them one by one.
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