Updated BIOS, it broke Speedstep? Asus P8Z77-v pro 3770k

So when I got the board I believe it had version 0801.
Normally all four cores of the i7 3770k idle around 1600mhz and ramp up to 3700-3900 when needed.

I just upgraded to 0906 but now all four cores stay ramped up 100% of the time. Speedstep is still enabled in the bios.

Specifically I upgraded via AI Suite II (and also updated start up image at the same time).

Anything I can do to fix this?

Side question, I have a Cooler Master N520 CPU cooler with two 3 pin wires that go into a y adapter. I took that 3 pin adapter and moved it from the CPU fan header to a chassis fan header on the motherboard so I could control the speed with Fan Xpert 2. Is this safe/ok?
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  1. I'd definitely leave the CPU fan in the CPU fan header. Often, the BIOS will malfunction if it thinks the CPU fan is missing. The BIOS will modulate the CPU fan speed based on CPU temperature. Trying to manually control it is a recipe for disaster, especially if something gets misconfigured.
  2. It does not modulate this cpu fan though. It leaves it at 100%. Only modulates it if it's a 4 pin in the CPU header.
  3. I also have the exact same problem like OP. But it didn't happen immediately after an update to the BIOS. When I first build the PC, it was fine the first week. But now, after I tried overclocking for the past two days (which failed, so I default back to stock settings), it's been staying at 3700-3900 at idle.

    I'm also looking for a fix, too.
  4. After updating Bios sometimes it needs to clear the CMOS" found tat info from Asus" "Unplug the system from the mains and also, if you have a broadband internet connection, unplug that from the system. Then remove the battery and shift the CLRTC jumper to pins 2&3, Then, while touching some bare metal part of the case, hold in on the reset button on the front of the case for 30 seconds to completely discharge the board. Then put the CLRTC jumper back on pins 1&2, reinstall the battery in its proper orientation, and plug in. If the system comes up when you power it on, you will need to reset the time and date.
  5. can i ask do you have the " cool and quiet " on the board ? I remember i have it on mine my chip kept going down to 1.4ghz so turned cool and quiet off and went back to 3.1 so maybe if you have cool and quiet turn it on ? If you want it to de throttle ( only go up to the 3700-3900 when needed )
  6. Ok, I figured out my "problem." It was the Windows power setting. If I set it to High Performance, it'll stay at the 3700-3900 all the time, even on idle. But if I set the profile to Balanced, it'll drop down to 1600 when idle. I verify this by going into the advanced settings and changing the minimum processor state value and observe the frequency using CPU-Z.

    Hope you got yours fix, jdx3ds.
  7. reset the BIOS to defaults and reflash it.
  8. hey ive been searching all over for a solution to the update breaking speedstep and i have found many people asking about it because it happened to them but no solution..

    i have a p8z77-v pro that im about to put together in a new build and idk if i should update the bios now...please if anyone knows the solution or cant point me in the right direction..thanks
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