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Problem with PC startup. Hoping is ram.

Hey Guys,

Heres my problem, on the weekend just passed, my friend asked me how to correctly install your ram to a chipset so i stupidly enough decided to show him on my own PC.

I hadn't even looked at the internals of my pc for about a year and a half and forgot the one most important thing (to ground myself! or properly at least.)

I have a good feeling that whilst i was taking the sticks of ram out of my motherboard i must've magnetized them because after i put them back into the motherboard my pc refused to boot up.

It attempts to start up except it cuts out after not even a second and shows two lights next to the Ram slots, one is amber and one is green i think?

ill include a picture below. i had three sticks of G.Skill ripjaws (12GB) inserted into the white lanes of the motherboard, took them out, put them back, then no start up.
quick responses are appreciated.

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  1. Hmm. While it is possible that you gave the ram a static shock (not magnetized them), it doesn't happen that often so my first guess would be that the CMOS got scrambled. Reset your cmos, disconnecting the power AT THE WALL beforehand, and see where that gets you.
  2. ok sounds good, I just did some research at a few different forums and i think you should be right. I might consider deconstructing my whole rig and starting again just so I can clean everything out. thanks for the info, ill post tommorrow and let you know how I went.
  3. generally you will ground youself just by opening the case..seeing as how its pretty tough to get to the ram without first unscrewing side..pulling side off, laying case down on other side.. you are touching the case multiple times before even reaching into the pc. The more likely time to damage components through shock is when first taking them out of the packaging as you are mainly contacting paper, cardboard, and plastic wrap right before handling the components
  4. thats true, i didnt even think of that. we'll ill try resetting the cmos tonight after work then let you guys know of my results.

  5. Tried resetting the Cmos last night. left the battery out for up to an hour and it still hasn't made a difference. it looks like the chipset is running a test to see whats working and it reaches something, realises it isnt working and shuts off. im still left with the two lights, confirming now that one is green and one is orange/amber, these lights are right beside the ram lanes. it doesnt even reach a point where any fans start.
  6. I understand you left the battery out, but did you also move the jumper on the MB and unplug the computer at the wall?
  7. I unplugged the computer from the wall and removed the battery, is removing the jumper necessary?
  8. I cant even see where the jumper is located on my motherboard?
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    what model is your MB? I'll look up the jumper location for you in the MB manual
  10. no need man thanks for the assistance.

    I disassembled everything including my hdds and optical drives and started again, I realised when i first built my rig I did a number of things wrong such as having my psu fan facing upwards when its an induction fan and i have holes at the bottom of my case for ventilation, i also didnt use the riser pegs for each of the screws in my MB and instead had it screwed directly onto the backplate.
    Then i worked a bit more on my cable management and it worked out nicely.

    Im suprised it even lasted that long being flat against the back plate, something must've been touching what it shouldnt have.

    I guess it goes to show how much i've learned from forums since I first built it haha.

    Cheers for all the support though guys. ;)
  11. Although it would be cool to know where my jumper is actually located.
    I dont suppose a jumper is invalid considering i have a clear CMOS button?

    My motherboard is:
    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R (Rev 2.0)
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