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March 14, 2011 11:11:23 PM

Hi all,

I recently purchased an hp xw6200 and have now done a few upgrades to it. These upgrades have been putting in a DVD re-writer, an ide along with sata hard drives, x-fi sound card and a modular graphics power supply.

I recently added in a new video card which I connected to the modular power supply and then my computer gave these errors: it booted up with graphical abnormalities, it had red triangles and such. So I researched a bit and found out that it was probably bad vram on the graphics card causing this. So sent the graphics card back to the distributor. While trying to get the graphics card to work I had tried installing its bios through a patch the graphics card company had and also updating the video drivers to the latest from nvidia. While doing all of this my computer suddenly turned off and started restarting, sometimes going to a BSOD complaining about the video card not functioning correctly. I also twice got an error message from the computer where the computer power button blinked red 6 times and also beeped 6 times.

Anyway the computer's build is:

power supply is a delta electronics inc, DPS-470AB-1 A REV :00f A picture of it is uploaded here:

2 512mb cards of ecc pc2-3200 ram

2 1gb cards of ecc pc2-3200 ram

1 ide primary hard drive with 160 gb of space

1 sata secondary hard drive with 320 gb of space

1gigabyte gt 240 1 gb graphics card

1 modular power supply:

1 DVD rw drive

2 xeon nocona 3200 mhz processors

Anyway my question is: do I need a different power supply to be able to power a gtx 460 or 560 ti graphics card because of the low amperage on the main power supply or will either run fine since I have the two pci-e connectors from the modular power supply?

Also if I do need a psu upgrade will I need a special psu because of the two processors or can I just go with an 80 plus gold psu with one 12v rail rated at 62 amps.

thanks in advance for the replies

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March 14, 2011 11:28:55 PM

Ok you said you having trouble getting GT240 to work, but then your asking about a GTX460 or 560ti, I'm confused, which are u using??

Do you need a special psu because of the two processors? What two processors??

Can you just use a 80+ standard psu, well that depends, does your computer use a standard ATX power supply with a standard 20+4pin mobo connector? If not and it's a proprietary psu, then no you can't use a standard atx psu.

However that pc looks so old, and obviously your still using DDR. So I doubt it could even keep up with a GT240, so a GTX560 or 460 would be out of the question because your pc would not be able to keep up with them.

Hate to say it but your still using old DDR, today's standard is DDR3 and that's been around for about 2 years now, just to give you a idea of how old your computer is.

So to make a long story short, your in serious need of a new pc.
March 14, 2011 11:45:50 PM

Sorry, I meant to say that the gt 240 works fine, i had tried running a gtx 460 and it was causing those problems and wondered if it was due to power supply or bad vram, I had gotten it as an open box product.

The GT240 doesn't require any extra power cords and only requires around 18 amps of power. The gtx 460 that I tried to use in my system seemed to require 2 pci-e connectors along with 22 amps of power. One of my questions is also do the amps completely come from the 12v rail or do the pci-e connectors also give amps.

When I look at the system board it appears that it uses a 24 pin connector, but I also read somewhere that since it is a 2 physical cpu set-up there might be a problem just upgrading psu's because it appears that hp made the processors need a certain ammount of amps to each of them; not too little not too much. So wondered if the one 12v rail would be fine or if it would fry the cpus or not even work with them. The cpus are intel xeon nocona 3.2GHz