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Ram problem at startup


i took a 1gb ddr2 ram stick out of my other computer and tried to put into my computer i have for testing purposes.When putting it back where i got it from, the computer will not boot up, it has one long beep, which I'm pretty sure is a problem with the ram from looking at ( though i cannot be 100% sure since i do not know how to check which BIOS i am using without having access to the BIOS menu,but the RAM would make sense.

I have tried moving it around different slots, and even cleared the CMOS by switching the plug to PIN 2 and 3 for 5seconds, then putting it back to PIN 1 and 2, since it has a CMOS jumper in it.Which just changed it to having 2 shorter beeps instead,then if i happen to move the RAM to a different slot it can change it back to just the one longer beep, im a bit out of ideas now, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Also the motherboard is a Acer MS – 7284 VER 1:1 if that helps.

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    First of all, you can usually only use a single stick of RAM in one specific slot. See your motherboard manual.

    The ONLY way you can proceed is to:
    1) test a DIFFERENT stick of RAM, or

    2) test that stick of RAM in another motherboard by itself, in the proper slot

    It sounds like your RAM received a static shock or other damage and is now defective.

    My advice is to buy a 2x1GB kit like this ($32):

    If you have 64-bit Windows you may wish to get 4x1GB instead. Windows 32-bit can't use all 4GB.

    Windows 32-bit and 4GB limit:
    32-bit can only "see" 4GB of memory locations. However this also includes video memory. So if you have a 1GB video card you're already down to 3GB. There are other resources that use up memory allocation so with 32-bit Windows it's common to only see less than 3GB.

    Still, RAM is cheap enough that you may wish to install 4GB no matter whether you have 32-bit of 64-bit Windows.

    (See your motherboard manual for number of RAM slots and maximum RAM size for each. If you have only two slots, consider 2GB RAM modules, i.e. 2x2GB but ONLY if your motherboard manual states it supports 2GB modules.)
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