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Hello, I want to buy a computer to play games such as call of duty and crysis at medium and high settings. I was going to build a computer but my dad has completely shot down that idea. Now I have to buy a computer from a namebrand company such as dell or hp. My budget is 780 and I would prefer it to be a laptop but I don't mind having a desktop. It can't be an acer and it can't be an amd processor.
I would like it to be able to handle games for the next two years.
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  1. First, it's important to know whether you'd like a desktop or laptop. If a desktop, would you be willing to build your own?
  2. I have decided on a desktop now. I want to build my own but my father won't let me so I have to deal with a prebuilt now. I was thinking about a dell and upgrade the psu and the graphics card down the line.
  3. I'd recommend looking around here and maybe making a thread asking for build advice over the Dell (as would, safe to say, almost everyone here on the forum). If you're worried about the actual assembly have a look at tecmo's sticky Step by Step Guide to Building a PC.
  4. I was actually planning on building the computer but my dad is completely against it. I have been trying to convince him to let me but apparantly he said he had a bad experience when he tried it before so he won't let me. So now he will only let me buy a prebuilt computer system.
  5. Oh, that's too bad... Maybe ask him just to make a post here asking what people prefer - that ought to convince him ;)
  6. Well if I was to convince, I need to find a starting place if I was to build my own computer. Since I have nothing, I was thinking $500 for parts, $120 for the os, $130 for the screen, and $30 for keyboard and mouse. I will not be able to build with amd parts because it seems my whole family that knows anything about computers hates them.
  7. ^ That should be plenty.

    usbgtx550 said:
    I will not be able to build with amd parts because it seems my whole family that knows anything about computers hates them.

    Sigh... Luckily AMD doesn't have too much competition at this exact point in time as far as CPUs go. Just tell them the GPUs are made by ATI.
  8. I did and I'm getting no where. From the looks of it right now I'm stuck with buying a prebuilt. So this is my question, if I was to buy a dell desktop, will the motherboard be compatable with a newer graphics card and will I have to replace the psu.
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    If you get one with a GPU it's guaranteed to work with a replacement one. As for the PSU, I'm not too familiar with Dells, but my guess would be you could keep it (again provided it originally shipped with at least some GPU).
  10. Ok, thanks for the advice. Right now I am looking at the inspiron 580 with an i5 configuration.
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