Problem sound device ga-890gpa-ud3h

GA-890GPA-UD3H rev 1.0
my sound on board is not working,
i have download the new driver at gigabyte website, but nothing change

pless help me
i'm use windows7 64bit
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  1. Mother board speaker or soundcard? If board's speaker then no need to download driver. Just try to connection it correctly.

    But if it is your soundcard, then uninstall old driver first and install new on then. And connect speaker correctly to green port. Aslo check your pc speaker.
  2. @mubin : thx for answer :D
    i use onboard (motherboard output)
    and problem have solved yesterday, there a little error setting in service windows "my fault :D"
  3. No problem, we are here to help. :)
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