Building a new computer; need help with the GPU.

I was deciding between the following three graphics cards;
The GTX 570
The Radeon 6970
and The Radeon 6950
I was looking at the best card without flaws(graphical,drivers etc), performance, and price. I'de like to keep to total under 1000 if I can. With the 570 I have a total of about 1100. I was wondering if it was worth it to splurge with the GPU. My resolution will be 1920x1080 and I plan to add another monitor when I get the money. If you need a list of the specs of my next computer I'll put them here if asked.
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  1. This will be a simple gaming computer for Battlefield Bad Company, Source games, Call of Duty MW2, Just Cause 2, Mafia II etc.
    Monitor: 1920x1080
    Replace the GPU with the ones I stated in the OP. If there is anything I should change, just tell me.
    Edit: I know I am missing a motherboard. I am just waiting for more to appear on Newegg. not too many since the recall happened.
  2. 6950 for sure. Unlock it to the 6970.
  3. It won't cause any significant heat issues will it? If I unlocked it, that is. Oh, hehe, and if anyone can help me with the motherboard, it would be appreciated.
  4. Well what's your CPU?

    And no it doesn't. I played Metro 2033 (the most demanding graphics atm) for hrs at end and peaked at 69 degrees Celcius.
  5. I put my specs above. But its the Core I5 2500k. 1155 socket. Like I said, i'd like to keep my total cost under 1000 if possible.
  6. Okay, I changed the RAM and put the mobo in the wishlist. Is there any other PSU's for the same price as the one you listen that has less rails? I had a bad experience with those. I could deal with 2 rails if that is possible. Thanks.
  7. yea I was going to say something about the power supply. Extreme overkill. My 700W EASILY powers up my rig.
  8. Kay! Check my wishlist I posted again and tell me if everything is good to go. I may go with the 570 due to the fact it supports Physx. I don't know. Depends on the cost. As they are both within the same performance in benchmarks i'v seen.
  9. Do you know there is like a total of 10 games that support Physx and maybe 3 of them are actually ok? Physx really shouldn't be a deciding factor when choosing a GPU. That's just my opinion.
  10. Yeah, I just thought of that. The only game i have is mafia II that supports Physx. I may just go the 6950 to save on cost. Eyefinity seems nice too. Thanks! :D
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