Sandisk cruzer 16gb will only see 4mb

Win 7 64 bit can only see 4mb partition on a 16gb sandisk cruzer. i cannot reformat the drive to the see the capacity. Can anyone help?
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  1. Have you checked if this is the only computer affected?
    Is your 16gb brand new or has it been used / you created the partition?

    This should help you recreate the whole partition as reformatting the partition will only modify the 4mb data.
  2. I guess the 4mb your seeing is the partition where the encryption software is sitting!
  3. This could also be if you chose to use part of the drive as readyboost.
    Here is an address to show you how to remove readyboost from your drive. Its also a good thing to check to make sure, just in case.
  4. From one of the other blogs, I decided to use the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. It worked and reformatted the entire free space, in seconds. What I do not understand is why the SANDisk and Windows would not allow me to do that.
  5. if your on 32x get the 32x 4gb+ram patch that allows 4+GB of ram to be displayed however one flaw is that it will only use 3gb on a program and cant go higher , if your on 64x then i cant help sorry :(
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