GTX 570 Problems?!?

I got an MSI GTX 570 OC. It lagged in FurMark and artifacted in Mafia II. I went to NCIX today and exchanged it for a new one. I still get these problems. I see that if I raise the voltage from 0.963v to 1.1v, the problem in Furmark gets better. What could be a problem apart from the GPU. MSI said it could be the PSU. I have a Cougar CMX 700 watt one, and also tried my friend's Corsair GS700. It lagged with both. An MSI 460 Hawk and an XFX 6950 Unlocked seemed to work fine on my system. Help me out guys!
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  1. Oh, and it seems a lot better when I disable Post FX in Furmark.
  2. How do I disable? I don't see this in GPU-Z.
  3. Is it still a command line option like it originally was? ( )

    Do you have the newest GPU-Z?
  4. It seems good. Can I re-enable protection later?
  5. I figured it out, you just uncheck the box. :P
  6. And I would not worry about Mafia II. On my 5850 computer, it eventually artifacts so badly it crashes the video driver. On my 470 computer it sometimes artifacts (fairly rare) but never crashes. I think it is just a bad console port.
  7. Quote:
    i think it would be the OVER CURRENT PROTECTION inbuilt in the 570 that underclocks the gpu when it detects applications like furmark.

    try this : download latest gpu-z and check the disable OCP. then try to run furmak.

    Bad advice, I have already seen a lot of cards already damaged from due to the power vrm phases blue smoking. Do Not Do this!!!!! It can damage your card. Look online and you will see for your selves.
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    Yes, it is a port. Most games are on all three platforms, and since the consoles are the most specific hardware and biggest market, the games are designed for them and then roughly transferred over to PC.

    Here you can see it is on all three platforms:
  9. What resolution do you play at?
  10. Personally I wouldn't spend my money on this card unless it can be modded to ware the issue was no longer a concern. However that requires effort and skill. The mod will basically have to be to improve cooling as much as possible while being hopeful for the best. So far most if not all GTX 570 have the same pcb.
  11. Lag =GPU + Monitor -> Out of Sync
  12. The PS3's cell processor is surprisingly good at multithreadable tasks (i.e., PhysX).
  13. EXT64 said:
    The PS3's cell processor is surprisingly good at multithreadable tasks (i.e., PhysX).

    But over all the whole system has severe shortcomings mainly the 256mb of system ram and the worst of it all the G70 based RSX.
  14. Quote:
    damn! and i was so sure my next gpu would be the 570.
    guess back to the decision making now :(

    Personally the GTX 460 and the GTX 560 are almost a sure thing while ATI has good cards but their drivers are often leave much to be desired.
  15. Liu kang baking a pie said:
    What resolution do you play at?

    I play at 1920x1080 on maxed out settings.
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