AMD a6 vs athlon II vs phenom II

I was going to build my grandparents a new system and had a few questions on these cpus. The whole APU thing is new to me as ive always had a seperate graphics card for every system ive built since it has been for gaming.

My question being they are just a basic user, uploading and viewing photos, web browsing, playing very light games like blackjack, sdoku, etc. Im really just debating on which one to get because i will be using the onboard hd4250 graphics for the athlon and phenom builds, and didnt know if it was worth it to get the a6 because of the better graphics even tho they use not much.

The phenom II x4 965 build is 509 shipped, the athlon II x4 630 build is 463 shipped and the A6 build is 523 shipped. Other specs include 8gb ram, samsung f3 hdd, asus m4a88t board for the phenom and athlon and f1a75 board for the A6. Thx guys.
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