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m from india today i was made an order of gigabyte board GA H77M-D3H from a shop in nehru place probably tomorow they dispatch my order,but i hav a doubt in my mind,weather this board support lucidologix mvp or not,

becoz same H77 series board of asus P8H77-M supports lucid vertu as mentioned in specs on asus website but there is no such mention in the specs of Gigabyte GA H77M-D3H board and also gigabyte GA H77-D3H-MVP supports it as mentioned in there specs which is same H77 chipset .

I think intel make same chipset for all there venders weather it is gigabyte, asus or any other company and also same chip of there perticular chipset series like H77,Z77 or anything. so where is the difference r they eliminate some traces from the pcb to disabel lucid vertu mvp for there marketing stretgy or wat it is, can anyone explain me in detail.
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  2. No it doesn't support MVP. Gigabyte has another model which support MVP(GA-H77-D3H-MVP)
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