$70 PSU for gtx 460 SLI


is it a good psu for powering 2 GTX460 SLI system ?
for $70 is just what i need :D
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  1. Gtx 460 Sli around 450W peak power, I think 650 -700W enough for system and Never heard review this psu, and other option
    Xigmatex NRP PC702 700W $74

    Review : www.kitguru.net/components/power-supplies/zardon/xigmatek-nrp-pc702-power-supply-review/6/
  2. my system is:
    2Xgtx460 SLi

    phenom ii x3 720

    2x2G 800ghz ram

    msi 750a motherboard

  3. I would take the Antec EA 650. It'll power 2x gtx 460's and the phenom just fine but I would advise you against any substantial overclocking since it would push it close to 80% of the PSU's capacity.
  4. Take the Antec, the rosewill is a lesser quality unit.
  5. but its 700w continue bower
    wich give me 50w more for overclocking ;)

    what you say ?
  6. is your antec 300 power all your system ?
    i mean gtx 260 and i7 and 9g ram and 1tb hdd and 23'' monitor :o
  7. what other psu recommendations you can give me other than the earthwatts 600 ?

    please answer all my 3 questions.
  8. 700W means nothing if the PSU can not stably give out that much power on the 12v rails (which the CPU's/GPU's get theirpower).
    Both Rosewill and the Antec is good PSU's that can deliver their rated power but I'd trust the Antec with the actual quality and stability over the Rosewill any day.

    Heres a quality review of the EA 650.

    The 12v rails are rated to give out to 540w which is more than enough.

    2) I have a TX 750 in my PC. Used to run SLI 260's till my EVGA card broke.

    3) I'd go for the XFX 650

    but it's a tad over ur budget.
  9. lilotimz said:

    Heres a quality review of the EA 650.

    The 12v rails are rated to give out to 540w which is more than enough.

    3) I'd go for the XFX 650

    That's a review of the original, here's one for the Green version

    All of it's power can go to the 12v

    I'd still save for the XFX
  10. i don't know whats 12v rails mean, but the antec has two and the rosswill has one rails
    i really like the rosswill BTW because of his looking and color and the golf fan :)
    whats other options do i have for 70$
  11. obsidian86 said:

    no its not enough for gtx 460 sli system :non:
  12. Would you rather have PSU that can last for years and years and give you no problems or one that is questionable?

    Always take a reputable company such as Seasonic, XFX, Antec, Corsair, and select other models that have excellent reviews over brands such as Rosewill.

    The 12v rail is important in that the PC takes most of the power from it and if its not stable enough or the PSU build is not of quality, then you get a PSU that can potentially damage your components.
  13. I think save your money for now, use single card, wait money $130 over .. Get good psu.
  14. Your link give thank you visit newegg !
  15. oh !! my bad .. a PSU box is unnecessary :D
    but i the color is not much the case, but thats the last thing i should think about it ;)
    this is the case am going to buy it BTW:

  16. Psu fit in the case
  17. is there any other recommendations ?
  18. No sire, The next step up would be the XFX 650 unit I suggested earlier. Most case, including the ones you chose, are ATX compliant meaning any PSU that fits the standard ATX form factor will fit. Most differences between PSU's are how long the thing actually is.
  19. thanks all for your posts :)
    i really like the rosswill green 700w because its color that mach my case and his golf fan and 50w more power ;P
    but i will go for the antec EW 650w for its "better quality" and hope that it can handle my system :)
    i really don't know which one select as best answer :(
  20. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817194093

    $70 after rebate.

    WAAAAY overkill. Budget PSU that does give its rated power. Oh its semi modular as well.

    *Its made by Enermax*

  21. i already decided .. thanx
  22. Quick follow-up on this topic...

    I'm currently running an GTX 460 (MSI Cyclone) on a year-and-a-half old Rosewill Green series 700w PSU which has been working fine since purchase.

    In a month or two, I'm looking to upgrade to GTX 460 SLI, and I'm wondering since I already have the Rosewill whether it's worth it to replace it for one of the higher quality brand models. I'd rather spend the cash on one of the top tier game releases coming out this holiday season, but I'll put the rig first if need be.
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