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Hi guys,
A phew months ago i built my self my first pc and since then ive decided to sell my graphic card and get something a bit more
powerfull. atm i have a gtx46 superoverclock with a factory overclock of 815 core. Im hopeing you guys can give me advice on what to get my budget is £225 i dont want to go above that, i wont the best performance for that money. I have a 600watt psu atm so that should be suffient. if u give me links uk currency ones onlly please. Thanks ;)

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: not sure maybe a week or two or a month

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gamiing at 1920x1080 on a 32inch screen, watching movies and regular computer stuff.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Gigabyte GTX 460 Super OverClock Edition 1GB Dual DVI HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card (bought it from here http://www.ebuyer.com/product/245520?utm_source=google&utm_medium=products ) , be quiet! 600W Straight Power E7 with quad 12v rails and 18amp on each rail)

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Asrock m3a770de mother board, Amd athlon x3 3.1ghz oced to 3.3 and unlocked to x4 core,
Kingston Hyper X 4gb 1600, I have a HAF 922 case

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Ebuyer etc i dont realy care aslong as its in pounds

PARTS PREFERENCES: Would prefer ati since it leaves me cross fire options in the future and dont rly care about physx.

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe not atm just want one card for now

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080, had to resisze it with nvidia controll pannel to 1842x1036 for it to fit my lcd tv screen (Btw i hope ati has a feature for me to do that or i am screwed.)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: i wont be useing 3 montiors or anything like that, but will expect it to run nrly all games at max resolution and nrly max settings with good fps.

(was looking at this http://www.scan.co.uk/products/2gb-msi-hd-6950-pci-e-21-%28x16%29-5000mhz-gddr5-gpu-800mhz-1408-cores-dvi-mhdmi-mdp?utm_source=google+shopping&utm_medium=google+shopping )
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  1. Honestly you'd be better off getting an SLI board and adding a second 460. It would certainly smooth out your FPS at 1080p. Well, if you're going for a single card then a 6950 would be the way to go. If you're lucky, you can flash it to a 6970. You may also want to overclock your CPU a bit more so as not to limit your new GPU. Of course, you may need to loose that 4th core to get a higher overclock, but most games don't see much benefit past 3 cores (yet) and the extra clock speed would certainly help :p
  2. Thanks for the replys guys,
    Would a gtx560 make much of a difference since the gtx460 i have is a super clock and is suposed to have beter performance then a stock gtx470 and yah i can over clock my cpu more. i have a aftermarket cooler on it its a cooler master something forgot sorry. If i drop down to 3 cores it gets a 20c idle and 35c full load . So ill be able to over clock much higher :D . also i heard u cant flash the bios on a 6950 alot of ppl have had artifacts apearing after a week. Is a 6950 more power full then a gtx560?
    I cant go for a sli since that will blow me off my budget since i intend to sell off my gtx460 after i get a new graphic card.
    thx guys looking forward to more replys :)
  3. Wont a 6990 be waaay out of my budget when its out? i was thinking about geting the 6950 and unlocking the stream processors. is it best to wait? because if theres a 6990 coming out soon there will be a price drop on the other cards? Thx
  4. Only possible upgrade you can make is the sli way.
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