Gaming rig setup question

current hardware:
mobo- biostar g31-m7 te socket 775
vid card- NVIDIA Geforce 8600GS 512 mb
ram- 4gbs (dont no any other specs right off)
CPU- intel core 2 duo 3.06ghz

i built this PC to be a economy gamer (not a beast just run new games decent and it does), now by budget is getting a lil better and i plan on upgrading to atleast a 400 series GTX maybe 500 depending on price and getting windows 7 (xp sp3 currently). i plan to get a new intel CPU in the near future as well. my question is in everyones opinion based off price and preformance (dont tell me a really expensive motherboard cause i wont get it anyways) wat would be a good motherboard to support everything and run games maxed out. dont plan on putting 2 cards, might overclock in the future but not a main buying point. thanks for any advice
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  1. exactly how much are you willing to spend
  2. So your basically looking at a complete new build correct?

    You'll need a better cpu to keep up with a newer video card. You wont be able to reuse ram either because its ddr2 not 3.

    What kind of budget are you looking at right now?
    I believe right now for a good budget build you'll want to look at an i3-2100 with a cheap h67 mobo, 4gb ddr3 ram. And depending on how much you'r willing to spend we can jam a nice gpu in there.

    You might be able to reuse your psu if its strong enough, hdd if your happy with it right now, and case.
  3. Please fill out.

    Build presets, are in my siggy. :)
  4. not exactly sure right now, lets say $500 to start with, and i wont be able to to get it all at once with that, looking to start off with the core of the rig, good mobo, ram to fit it,windows 7, and if my CPU wont fit new mobo then a new CPU aswell(doesnt have to be bad ass can upgrade later but i wont downgrade on my current gear... lol if its possible), long as i ahve it set up to where i can add everything i want, tired of patching my *** together with rag-tag parts, wanna build it somewhat right this time.

    edit: the windows 7 is not required, have xp disc in hand now so can get at a later date as well
  5. ^ I wouldn't suggest that just because you plan to game. It'd be a solid build, but you need a GPU incorporated with the budget mainly because the 8600GS isn't going to be handling anything.

    Do you know what your PSU is by any chance? You may need to factor in the PSU as well if it is a crappy OEM no named one.
  6. that why i sugggested an i3 build so he could afford a GPU

    he could get a gtx 460 or hd6850 or hd5850 or even a regular gtx 560
  7. GPU isn't a requirement now, i want to get the base of the rig good, my vid card is.... well.... well i had trouble finding it on the nvidia website lol, but it'll run SC2 decent on med so ill keep it for now in order to get better everything else, and gpu can be upgraded anytime while still having my new comp running. so ill check out that one, thanks for the help guys and yes PSU will need to be upgraded, this is a pretty bad one, 750 or 550, not sure. i peeled off the 750 sticker and it had 550... so yea, but it will need a upgrade aswell.
  8. you should look for a 550 watt at least
  9. well mine is rated at 750 watts, but its a really crappy 750, its a 550 they bumped up a lil, brand is Demon or something similar, bought it 5-6 years ago but it was an older psu
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