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My old ethernet connection is built into the motherboard with USB\'s/ and other connections. I have installed a new ethernet/Lan card but the computer wil not recognise it and even though it is connected ( though not to the internet ) identifies it as the old ethernet port/card! Any help appreciated.
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  1. Presumably you have loaded the correct driver for the new card ?

    Have you tried a different PCI slot ?

    Is there no entry in Device Manager for the new card or is it yellow flagged as faulty (and why) ?

    It may help if you bring up the BIOS screen at boot up time (usually hit Del key as machine starts) and disable any ports which are not in use. COM ports, Parallel Printer Port (if using USB printer) Game/Midi. Then restart Windows a couple of times to reasssign resources.

    Once the new card is working I wouldn't worry about the old ethernet port -- most computers allow them to co-exist -- or you could disable it in Device Manager (or perhaps BIOS).
  2. see if the computer sees it in device manager. If it does, then you need to install the right drivers. I highly doubt your computer is identifying it as your old ethernet port. It just doesnt show your new one, but still shows your old one.
  3. had the same problem with a D-Link network card - it needed the driver to be installed before Windows would see it. Other cards are detected and do not need drivers loading.
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