Motherboard Apparent Heat Problem

OK so I just bought a new PC:

And I was downloading my normal system tools when I opened Speccy, which is like CPUID HW:

It read temperatures as follows:

CPU- 35 degrees Celsius
Motherboard- 70-90 degrees celsius (very hot)

CPUID HW read:
SYSTIN-28 degrees celsius
CPUTIN- 88 degrees celsius
AUXTIN- 72 degrees celsius
TMPIN3-36 degrees celsius

So far i am getting different responses depending on program:

So i went into the bios, (which on ASUS's is very easy and you can use a mouse)

BIOS stated the temps as:
CPU: 87.8 Degrees FARENHEIGHT/ 31 degrees Celsius
Motherboard: 73.4 degrees FARENHEIGHT/ 23. Degrees Celsius

The heat sink fan is functioning (its the stock one)
And the other fan towards the rear of the case is also running

I have not noticed any performance lags, i dont think

But i am afraid about the temps, what could be going on and why are the reportings different depending on program?
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  1. Imo your BIOS is showing correct temp :)
  2. this is alos a link your your rig. the CR one wanted me to subscribe:p
    with the i7-2600 3.4GHz processor, 8GB of memory, a 750GB hard drive, 2048MB Nvidia GeForce GT 520 graphics.

    sometimes software gets flonky when trying to read a sensor. to check the cpu temp i do prefer core temp:
  3. Update: So asus came with a proprietray system monitor, my temps are all in the 30 degrees celsius range!!

    But in my fan status it says that "power fan", is not on. The other two are, what is the power fan, and why would it be off?
  4. Imo it might be chasis fan dont take it in mind
    its like extra cooling fans
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