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Hello all, I lost my old account however, I am still new around here and really need some help!

Recently, I moved to a different house. Upon bringing my computer in, setting it all up, turning it on and then hooking the internet up I ran into an issue. When I came back into the room in which my PC resides in, my PC was turned off. It was on when I left. I turned it back on and that is when my monitor said "No signal input" and went black. I tried a restart and still no go.

I tried re seating the video card and my RAM and still no luck. After 3 days of the same stuff (cleaning the inside, re-seating multiple times) I gave up. I also tried plugging directly into the onboard video twice and it still didn't work. However, I will try that again tomorrow to see what happens.

What could this mean? I assumed at first I would just need to replace my video card. Then, when the onboard didn't even work I was thinking I need to replace the motherboard.

My video card is a GeForce 9400 purchased maybe 2 years ago [The same as my motherboard]. I cannot remember exactly what type of mobo but, I think it is something like Asus P5K and I cannot remember the rest. Maybe P5K ME..just cannot remember for the life of me.

Is there anything else I could possibly try before going out and buying a new video card/mobo?

Thanks for any help
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  1. My monitor gives me a "no signal input" message as if it was not plugged in. I opened up my case multiple times cleaning, making sure everything was connected and re-seating my graphics card as well as RAM. Same message.

    I tried another monitor on the same PC and got a similar message and it went to power save mode.
    I am currently using the first monitor I mentioned above on another PC (the one I am using now). The second monitor also works with this PC as it is the monitor that goes with this PC when purchased.
    That is what leads me to believe my video card may have went out on me.

    I then decided to try my monitor as well as my secondary monitor on the onboard graphics card and it still didn't work.

    Should I go ahead with getting a new graphics card and assume that is what the problem is or should I go straight to buying a new mobo and keeping my current card?

    Sorry if my original post was not informative enough. I hope this can clarify what my issue is! :)
  2. I figured it wouldn't work because if the monitor wasn't receiving any signal to begin with, I don't think unplugging the HDD and booting up would have made any difference. I tried as you said any way and no go.

    I will probably need to just try replacing the video card/motherboard and see how it goes.

    Thanks anyway!
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