Advice on UPS, line conditioner, or surge protector

The wife and I recently moved into a new apartment and it's in an older building with presumably old wiring. As such when we run high demand devices like the hair dryer or vacuum the lights dim a bit until we turn them off. The AC unit and fridge also dim the lights for a second when they first kick on. I haven't moved my pc yet, but it's an AMD build on an MSI 890FX-GD70 with a Phenom II x4 970, 2x 6950s, and a Kingwin 80+ bronze 1000w psu (PC uses about 800W if I run EVERYTHING at peak load/100%). I keep all my sensitive stuff like the home theater, game consoles, PCs on surge protectors with 500v clamping voltages, but my main concern is that the TV, PC etc. will be damaged by undervolting them (sort of a mini brown-out type thing). There is nothing we can do about the wiring, and the lease is already finalized so I'm stuck with this place for a year. As such, I'm considering investing in a line conditioner or UPS for the office and maybe the home theater, but I'm not really sure if that would help at all.

Any advice?
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  1. UPS's all the way, they will fill in the 'brown out' preiods since whatever is plugged into them never actually runs off whats coming from the wall.

    I suggest one with a true sinewave output as the other type messes with ative pfc PSU's like yours.
  2. Well, maintenance is checking out my apartment Tuesday, but I'm not getting my hopes up so ill probably look into one. I don't know much about UPS systems though, how do I choose one?
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