Upgrading Processor and mobo/ram will i have to get new vid card?

I have an ATI Radeon HD 5670 and I want to upgrade my shitty 5 year old dual core to like an i7. I know i need a new Mobo and new Ram as a result but will my vid card still be compatible with newer Mobos when I replace the processor.

I thought u could link belarc advisor but it seems to be only a temp page made in my files.

Mobo: BIOSTAR Group P43-A7 6.0
Board: BIOSTAR Group P43-A7
Bus Clock: 267 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 080015 09/24/2009

Processor: 1.60 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Not hyper-threaded
(ew i know)

Vid: ATI Radeon HD 5670 [Display adapter]

Memory Modules: 3072 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM0' has 1024 MB (serial number SerNum00)
Slot 'DIMM1' has 1024 MB (serial number SerNum01)
Slot 'DIMM2' has 1024 MB (serial number SerNum02)
Slot 'DIMM3' has 1024 MB (serial number SerNum03)
(not sure if yall need this info or not)

I think that is all the relevent info I am missing osmething let me know I will find some way to post it. Im really hoping I dont have to replace my Vid card also as getting a new proc means new mobo/ram already.

TBH I am decently computer handy but compatibility is the one thing I do not really have a good grasp on. I want to upgrade to an i7 hopefully without going bankrupt having to replace every single thing in my PC. Hoping this vid card can stay put at least as its relatively new(to me.)

Also if anybody is feelin super nice and wants to give me some suggestions for the specific proc/mobo/ram to buy thatd be awesome too! thanks again!
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  1. yes you can use your graphics card

    do you mean 1st generation i7--such as i7 920 or 2nd gen sandy bridge?

    one uses dual channel ram and the other triple--so with an i7 920 you would use 3 or 6 memory modules and with sandy bridge 2 or 4 memory modules

    with the i7 920 you would need 64bit os to use all the memory with 3 x 2gb

    with 2 x 2gb on sandy bridge you would be where you are now just over 3gb usable
  2. I believe it is hte sandy bridge I am buying, the one that is 315 on Newegg and Amazon atm. And I have picked the Gskill ripjaw ram to go along with it.
  3. Your graphics card will work fine in a new rig, as for mobo need to know price range to determine whats the best. Also if you need like a bunch of USB 3.0 or loads of sata connections for HDDs all need to be factored in. In general boards like a p8p67-pro are pretty solid rigs. Personally i rock a gigabyte z68x-ud7 but my rig ended up costing 3k. It also depends on if you want a z68 chipset or a p67, the differences aren't big and p67 a little cheaper most of the time.
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