AMD Phenom 955 X4: pins misaligned! + other issues

Ok so I recently got the Hyper 212+ cooler ( and when I was installing fans and doing some other work on my PC, I accidently hit the cooler ( which was installed ). I took out the cooler and I noticed that the processor was stuck to it and it got ripped right out of the socket. I noticed that the pins under processor where misaligned so I used a tiny screw driver to fix some of those. To my suprise, the processor barely went back into the socket after I pushed it a bit. Later on, after I was playing some casual games I got the blue screen of death! I am guessing the processor was overheating. However, when I restarted the computer the temps were around 50C at full load ... used Prime95. Can someone tell what was the problem? Was it safe to push the processor back in with some bent pins? By the way, before I got the blue screen of death I on the screen I saw some weird lines (red blue white....etc), which brings the idea that the GPU might be the problem ( which I doubt because I got really good temps).

Note: My computer is still running Prime95 ... I dont know yet if it has crashed. I'll update as soon as I get home.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.3 GHZ (overclocked slightly from 3.2 GHZ)
4 GB Corsair Ram
Radeon 4870 512 MB + Aftermarket cooler ( Arctic Accelero Xtreme )
600w Power Supply by coolmax
MSI GF615-P31 (something like that ill update when I get the exact model)
Thermaltake V3 Case + OK Airflow
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  1. Are you sure that ALL the CPU pines are ok? Did you installed the cooler in the same way than 1st time?
  2. it could have been a fluke; ram isnt always perfect that why severs use ecc ram.
    Are you running P95 with small ftt's to stress the ram?
  3. Yes im 97.5% sure ALL the pins are ok. and yes i installed the cooler the same way as i did the first time. i dont really know how to use Prime 95 so how do I stress the ram?

    Thanks for the quick replies
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