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Hello, I have a Intel Celeron Dual Core 1.80Ghz laptop with 4Gb Ram running on XP (Have Windows 7 but not installed yet). The laptop make is a Clevo W7xOS with a fairly crappy display adapter (SIS Mirage 3 if that makes sense to anyone). I have between £50 - £150 to spend and i wondering if anyone can recommend a decent upgrade card for me. Many thanks.
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  1. for the most part, you can't upgrade laptop graphics.
  2. In addition to the video card probably not being upgradable, you better check to make sure Win 7 will work with the laptop. If there are no Win 7 drivers, at times Vista drivers work well with Win 7, but not always. Especially for laptop hardware.

    Make sure you backup your XP setup if Win 7 does not work.
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