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Changing mobo need advice!!!!

Hi all

I have an ASUS P8P67-M and the ASUS GTX 580 DirectCUII, who has this board knows that is huge and my board is microatx, so the SATAIII ports are obstrcuted by the VGA, i want to change my board but i dont have much budget right now, i can sell my board for 115 in my county and is cheap i get for 138 dollars and only has 2 months of use, no OC just stock settings.

My question is ECS or BIOSTAR are in the game with this 1155 socket? and worsth change to Z77 chipset instead P67? i cant go higer in prices so i need to see the option of getting somthing very cheap, i don't care much about SLI but if i can get one will be better

I can get this two cheap boards in my country

ECS P67H2-A2 or Biostar Tz77xe3

I really want to stay with ASUS but the ATX boards are too high on prices so i need to do the smartest move here.
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  1. Your mobo should be compatible with the CPU that you already own.What's your CPU? If you let us know your CPU, some one would try and recommend a compatible mobo to suit your budget.

    In the mean time, please read this link for the latest round of motherboard review,review-32434.html
  2. i have the 2600k CPU, the problem is the SATAIII ports
  3. Why you wanna change board if for IB [IVY BRIDGE INTEL 3RD GEN] PROCESSOR then dont do it :)
    Just upgrade you bios and you able to IB.

    For Flash/Upgrade BIOS put SB [ 2ND GEN PROCESSOR ] inside your mobo then flash it with latest BIOS [ Take BIOS backup before flash new ] after that put your new IB :)
  4. SATA 3 is for HDD
    SATA 6 is for SSD
    There's no difference until you have SSD
  5. i repeat again, the problem is not the CPU or the BIOS the problem is the SATAIII ports, the tri-slot ASUS gtx 580 obstruct them and i can olny use SATAII ports i need SATAIII for the SSD SATAIII disc drive, nothing else
  6. sata II 3.0, sata III 6.0 i know that i have one SSD SATA III already
  7. Best answer,2837.html

    on new egg
  9. i think i go with the ECS time before they eas trash but i think they now are in the right way, im not an OC fan, i'll gonna do somo OC but just small one 4.0Ghz and 1600Mhz max i thinkm thanks dude
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