Xeon E3-1220 or Xeon X3440

I'm looking at 2 Dell servers to run SBS 2008, one has the E3-1220 and the other has the X3440 and theyre about the same price. I know the Sandy Bridge chipset is the latest and greatest but the 1220 doesnt have hyper-threading. which chip is better for SBS 2008 or SBS 2011? Any ideas?
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  1. the e3-1220 doesnt have hyperthreading though, you would still go with it?
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    Yes because it's newer and as fast as the older X3440. If you need or want hyperthreading, you can upgrade to an E3-1230 (that would be my choice):
  3. cool, what do you think about jumping to the 1240? any significant advantages? it's only $40 more than the 1230. i appreciate your advice
  4. It will be slighty faster than the 1230, but you won't notice the difference. On the other hand, $40 isn't a lot of money. If budget is tight, then stick to the 1230.
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  6. thanks, i appreciate it, ill pitch the 1240 and if they want it cut back cost wise, ill go with the 1230. 8GB Memory (2x4GB), 1333MHz, Dual Ranked UDIMM sound ok? or would 4x2 gb sims work better? or would it matter?
  7. The performance should be the same, but 2 x 4GB is better as it allows an upgrade to 16 GB without having to remove modules already installed.
  8. cool, thats what i was thinking. i appreciate your help
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