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I am in the process of building a pc and need help choosing a video card. Something with two dvi outputs for a dual monitor setup and an hdmi for my tv. i dont really play games and heard some cards have processing power so it doesnt use the cpu. currently im getting 2600k, asus p8p67 or the pro version (dont really know the difference if someone can help with this too), 8gb of 1600mhz ddr3 ram
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  1. You're getting a pretty powerful setup. You say you don't really play games. The pro and above versions of the motherboard are equipped with PCIe ports equipped with enough PCIe lanes for multi-GPU setups. You probably don't need this if you're not playing games.

    You can get away with using a single AMD card if you are connecting two monitors and a TV set. You'll have to use a mini display port to HDMI adapter in order to accomplish this, because the HDMI output on the card is bridged to one of the DVI ports. So you'll have two monitors, each connected to a separate DVI port, while one monitor will connect to the mini display port through an mini DP to HDMI adapter.

    What is your budget for the video card?
  2. I dont really have a budget just need something thats a reasonable price. I have a 3d tv set which i would like to connect it to if possible. 100-150$ for the card. also for the motherboard just the regular p8p67 board would be fine right? would you prefer the msi or asus board?
  3. would you recommend gtx460? or is that too much/little?
  4. A single gtx 460 won't give you the three-monitor capability you need. It can only facilitate the connection of two displays.

    You'll have to go with AMD if you're looking for that setup in a single card. In that price range, the 5770 comes immediately to mind, though you'll have to pony up an extra $10-20 for the mini DP to HDMI adapter. Just make sure you get a model with the connections as they are in the picture on this page:

    You need a card that has two DVI, 1 HDMI, and 1 mini DP. Here's a good card from a good brand with a 3-yr warranty at $130:
  5. I was looking at these cards below and they seem to have 3d capability too.

    Would this work? they have 2 dvi, hdmi and display port i believe
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