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Hi, I just changed my case to a new HAF X. After installing all the standoffs and screwing them correctly I proceeded to screw the board. After putting the board on top of the standoffs I noticed that to secure the two lower left screws I needed to push the motherboard a little bit down (nothing bad not more than a mm or 3mm max ) (in inches no less than 0.04in or no more than 0.12in), Its a little small push down, almost unnoticeable but its there.

Would this kind of bend to install the board would damage any copper traces over time?

It is normal to have to push down the board a little so the screws can tighten the board?

Should I try to re-install the board again to make sure this does not happen?

Thank you for your help I'm worried that I may damage my board over time If I don't correct this issue.

PD: The screws involved are this ones (marked with *):

[]: Socket

|o o o
| [ ]
-o o o

-* * *
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  1. There is something wrong. I just installed my mobo into a HAF X case a couple of weeks ago and it lays perfectly flat, no bend. Check the standoffs, make sure they are all the same height. And check to see if they are screwed all the way in.
  2. Hello,

    IMO it is somewhat normal to "push" the motherbord down a little to screw it in. I had to do that with my HTPC, but for me it was mainly where the I/O ports where i had to "push it in".

    The "bending/flexing" of your motherboard shouldn't affect it really, as long as it doesn't crack/break while screwing them in.

    Edit: Pointed most likely is correct. And on the note, you should really install the screws for the motherboard in a diagonal fashion (say top left screw first, then bottom right screw, then bottom left, then top right).
  3. pushing down one corner by only 3mm isn't that big of a deal, but it shouldn't happen.

    either the standoffs aren't all of equal height, or the case is warped.
  4. Hi, so I just finished removing my mobo and checking if all standoff were correctly screwed, and they were, and just to check I tried changing the places of the standoffs where the board has to be pushed down to the other side. I installed the screws in a diagonal fashion as I always do.

    Again I got the same result, so I think there are two possibilities:

    -The case is warped, which is weird for a HAFX of excellent quality.

    -The big noctua cooler on top of the processor is pushing the board downwards on that side and that is why this side seems to need a little push to get in. (I also found that the three downwards screws were the ones that I needed to push down a little, I already edited this on the main post)

    Again thanks for your answers, do you think I will need to RMA my case? or although the case is warped this minimal bend wont present problems in the future?

    (or the board is bend upwards? which I tried to check and is not, or in case it is the bend is minimal)
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