Can this power supply support all of this

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  1. You bought those? You can get the cheaper Phenom II 955 and a new PSU.
  2. no, that power supply is a piece of crap. why do people still buy junk like that? a 500w psu with only 29A on the 12v rail, please....that is less than what you would find on antecs 380w model. this is not a 500w psu, its a lie. there are enough articles covering what PSU's are good and which are junk for people to know better. Get a PSU by seasonic, antec, corsair or XFX and you cant go wrong.
  3. Thank you ill mae sure to post one before i buy it
  4. Glad that iam2thercrowe took you away from that garbage PSU, if money is not a problem for you try to get a 750W Modular PSU in case you needed to Crossfire in the future, needed to hock up more fans, did a hard overclock..... all of this gonna require a high wattage PSU so my advise is to get this or this
  5. Im definetly not gonna overclock or crossfire i have those two 80mm fans and im planning on adding 2 more 80mm. Is that power supply able to support it either that one or the 550 version? And i dont have much room for money.
  6. Get this then. $40 shipped. Should handle your 6850 with ease.
  7. You think thta can handle my x6 too?
  8. As long as you aren't OCing yes. x6 is 125W? 6850 is 130ish. Another 50 or so for anything else and you're looking at around 300W. Cutting it close as that PSU can do 336W. You might want to look at his bigger 430W brother.

    The BasiQ doesn't list its 12V power cap anymore, and it only has 2 SATA connectors. You'll be hurting for more.
  9. I think i might go with that 380w or this sata connectors arent an issue i only need two
  10. The thing is that PSU is going to cost $60 once you ship it. Here is the 430W bigger brother.

    Can do 384W, so plenty of room. If you want to spend $60, get this instead.

    This is $58 shipped and a much better PSU.
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