GTX 460 with 430 watt power supply...

Hey guys, I was wondering if this: card would work with an Antec Neo He 430 power supply? My 8800 GT is dying and I'd really like to get a Directx 11 capable card to play Dragon Age 2 without having to buy a new power supply. I only got $200 to spend on a new card.
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  1. unforutnately GTX 460 needs a 450W+ PSU
  2. Yeah I read that, wasn't sure if I could get by on a 430.... Do you have a card recommendation that would work with this power supply? A GTS 450 maybe? Is it a huge downgrade from a 460?
  3. The Antec is a good PSU and should run the GTX460 just fine.
  4. Thats awesome news... I knew when I bought it that it was a good brand! Can't wait to put the card in!
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