Fujitsu P2040 Hardware Question - missing hardware.

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I have fujitsu P2040.
I've reinstalled windows 2000 pro on the notebook. However, I still have
one device unknown to this day. Can someone help me with what I am
missing in this picture? I am asking this question cause, everytime, I
boot up, system says that it found a new hardware!!! Please help, it's
very annoying, I know that I could disable so it won't come and bother
me no more...

I have installed following drivers.

QUICKPOINT(stick mouse)
LIFEBOOK_APPLICATION (controls the A, B, e-mail buttons and some more) is one more additional question.
On my "Power Options Properties"(see picture below), LCD Backlighting is
blacked out and I cannot control. Do anyone know why?

Thanks in advance...

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  1. i have the same issue after installing XP pro, have looked at all my drivers only 7 downloads availabile from fujitsu all have been installed. still can't figure it out.
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