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I have a Geforce GT240 512MB video card. I'm not a gamer. I use the computer mainly for office and surfing the internet and edit image with adobe element.

I used afterBurner to add 10% to the basic

core clock : from 550 to 605 Mhz
shader clock : from 1340 to 1474 Mhz
memory clock : from 1700 to 1870 Mhz

windows7 performence test went from 6.7 to 6.8

Would it make a big difference in speed if I upgrade my video card?

If so, what card would be suitable for my utilisation?

I tried the search in forum, but could'nt find a answer.


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  1. good enough for the use
  2. thanks to all for the answers. Ill keep my card then! and save $$$$ !
  3. If you want to see improved performance then you need to upgrade your CPU.
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