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Should I get the asus p8z77-v pro, p8z77-v deluxe, or maximus v gene?

I'm going to be building a new computer soon and I've decided on everything (maybe), except the motherboard. Here is my build:
cooler master haf x blue
i5 3570k
prolimatech super mega with san ace 9g1212h101 fan
gtx 670 (maybe ti)
8gb g. skill 1600mhz cl9 1.35v ripjaws x(blue, or I'll get the red one if I get the gene/formula)
mushkin enhanced chronos 120gb
seagate st1000dm003
windows 7 home premium 64 bit
corsair ax750
xonar dx if I get the p8z77-v pro

All of the boards have the features that I need, and I'll be doing a 4.3-4.7ghz overclock. Which would be best for overclocking? Would the difference between the motherboards be the maximum overclock or the voltage required for a certain overclock, or both? Or should I wait for the maximus v formula?
If you have any suggestions for my build, please give those also.
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    The link above shows all the stats of the Asus Z77 line of motherboards.

    IMHO, Pro.
  5. Ok, so I decided on the pro, but would the p8p67 deluxe be better? I found one that I could get for much less than half the price of the p8z77-v pro.
  6. p8p67 deluxe? Not a Z77 motherboard! Not even a Z68 motherboard! (read into it: OLD)

    If you meant a Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe, then yes.
  7. nope, there's nothing I need in z77, but if the performance is betterl I'll get it
  8. Well, sice you "got" the Intel Core i5 3730K, get a Z77 mobo.

    If the Z77 has "nothing you need" step it all down to a Intel Core i5 2500K in a Z68 mobo, like Asus P8Z68-V Pro, or less.

    I personally won't put an Ivy Bridge CPU in an older board, even though they will work with a BIOS update.

    I'm turning people away form the IB, due to heat issue during overclocking. SB CPU OC much better, IMHO.

    Recheck the features of the Asus Z77 line up and decide what you need.

    I don't need all the feature either, like: Wifi, Bluetooth, add-on SATA controllers, USB 3.0, eSATA, Firewire, PS/2, Triple/Quad Xfire/SLI, or PCI x1.

    But when you eliminate all these features, the boards don't have high rated voltage regulators for overclocking (like 12+4).

    So, damned if you do...
  9. So why do you think p67 isn't as good as z77 for ivy bridge? Why do you reccomend z68 over p67 for sandy bridge when the only difference is integrated graphics support and ssd caching? I see no reason that the p8p67 deluxe wouldn't be better than the p8z77-v pro for ivy bridge. Also, ivy bridge is better than sandy bridge at the same temperature, with the same cooler at the same speed, with the average 3570k and the average 2500k, the 3570k would be better. The 2500k might be able to reach higher clock speeds, but the 3570k performs better clock for clock, and with lower power consumption. Also, the p8z77-v deluxe and p8p67 deluxe have the same amount of phases (not including integrated graphics phases).
  10. Good point. Your talking yourself into it.
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