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BIOS Boot Problem

Hey TH,

When I built my computer, I used a copy of Windows 8 Consumer Preview since I didn't have a copy of Windows 7. I have recently gotten a copy and wish to install it. I downloaded the ISO and mounted it with Virtual Clone Drive to a USB Drive. I went to my BIOS to change the "Boot Order" and made the USB Drive the first priority. I then save changes and reset. When it resets it goes to a screen that says something like the following:

"Please reboot with proper boot disk
or insert proper boot media and press any key"

After I press a key (because the USB Drive is already in it) it keeps on repeating it so I just get a long wall of this repeating message.

I can still use the hard drive to boot up and am using it right now to write this.

Does anyone know how to fix this? The motherboard is a Biostar TZ77B. Haven't had any problems up till recently.
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    Follow this tutorial to create a bootable Win 7 USB drive.

    More than likely the method you used messed up the bootable partition on the USB key, and it needs to be remade.
  2. So mounting the ISO isn't sufficient?
  3. No, it has to have specific lead ins, or the BIOS won't recognize it is a bootable device.
  4. Okay. Will test it out once I finish some schoolwork. Thanks. Will edit if it doesn't work.
  5. Okay. So I did that. When I install it says I need to install CD/DVD Drivers. I assume they mean USB drivers since it's coming off a USB stick. I install USB drivers off of my motherboard CD. It then proceeds to install. When it finishes installing, it says it needs to restart. When it restarts, it goes right back to the beginning of the install and starts over. This is becoming really frustrating since I have no idea what the problem is.
  6. You need to remove the USB drive when it restarts.

    What is happening is as soon as it restarts, it goes to boot off the USB drive again, so it starts over.

    Or, if you don't want to remove the USB drive, you can hit the boot selection menu (usually F12) during the BIOS Splash screen, and choose the HDD (SSD) that you installed windows to.
  7. ok. will do. also my brother just came home from college and brought a dvd of windows 7 with him. would that be more stable? or should it work just as well?
  8. The USB drive will be faster, but both will work fine.

    I'm not going to go into the intricate stuff about licensing. But make sure you have a valid license and all that stuff :)
  9. I do ^^

    And when I was installing and it asked me what partition I wanted to install it on I realized my SSD has 20GB on it. So then I realized it had already installed :P Just had to set the boot priority correctly. Sorry about this... But you still got a best answer! :)
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