Need a mothebroard for an i5 3570k, thinking asrock or asus

I will be upgrading from a 955BE to a 3570k toward the end of this month and am trying to decide what motherboard to get, i will likely overclock the 3570k to around 4.2-4.5 ghz (using a hyper 212+)

I am looking at the asrock z77 extreme 4 right now, i have an asrock 890gxpro3 in my amd computer now and i like it it hasnt given me any problems, but i am open to trying other brands.

the other boards i kind of looked at include the gigabyte z77 ud3h and the asus p8z77-v pro

i sort of cant see spending 80 more to get the asus but if there is a good reason to i would, the only thing i will be plugging into it is a 7850 (will probably crossfire in the future so definitely would like at least x8x8 pcie), and my hdd (eventually an ssd, i have an ocz vertex original 120gb but im kind of scared of it failing and want to avoid a headache,i got it from a friend so ill buy my own one day)

here are links to the 3 boards i mentioned:
Asrock -
Asus -
Gigabyte -
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  1. Im also now seriously considering the gigabyte ud5h
    and the asrock extreme6

    I really want to stay as inexpensive as possible while still being able to overclock well and do x8x8 crossfire, but the higher end choices are so much more enticing :/
  2. If you aren't going to be adding a separate sound card I would suggest going with the higher end choice since the audio is, apparently, noticeably better.

    Here's a comparison rundown of how these boards performed it is interesting to note that the gigabyte board in this comparison is the Z77X-UD3H:,review-32434-22.html

    The gigabyte UD5H has reviews here:

    In a nutshell: The boards have very similar performance and the choice is going to come down to personal preference for brand or for the layout / design of the board.
  3. Imo [ OC ] [ 3 PCIE ]
  4. I think i may end up going for the ud5h with 1600mhz skill ripjaws and a 3570k, is there any reason you picked the as rock board over the others as one for oc'ing?
  6. Check out memory oc of them + price
  7. also considering the msi z77a-gd65

    but still leaning toward the ud5h
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