Gtx 580 gtx 470 im sli

Hello, my question is: Does the gtx 580 runs fine in sli with my old gtx 470?
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  1. No, you will need another GTX 470 to pair up with your GTX 470. You cannot mix and match cards from different generations. The GPU's have to be the same for SLI. You will also need to make sure your motherboard supports SLI.
  2. The only thing you can do to run both cards simultaneously is to have the 580 as the primary card, & keep the 470 for physicx
  3. Ok, thx for the quick answer. I am buying a new system with an SLI Board and a gtx 580 and was considering, if I should keep my gtx 470 with my new gtx 580.
  4. I would try to sell the GTX 470. Using it as a PhysX card will drain too much power and cause too much heat, while probably only being used minimally. The GTX 580 can do PhysX on its own just fine.
  5. Ok thx, I will sell it.
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