Netgear CG3000, how do you set the workgroup name?

As the title suggests, how do I set (or view) the Netgear CG3000 workgroup name?
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  1. Same as with any network card, you do it in Windows. Right-click on My Computer > Properties > Compter Name tab. Set the Workgroup name in there.

    Unless you are not running Windows XP, but you did not say what and I like to assume things.
  2. Perhaps I wasn't clear, I meant how do I set or view it in the actual router. There's no obvious option...or any option at all to change the workgroup name within the CG3000 menus.
  3. the workgroup name is set on the computers not the router or any others network equipment.

    the only thing you name is you wireless network ID.
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