Is WiFi bad for health?

Just a question that i thought i might ask, is wifi really that bad for your health? so bad that it can alter chemical properties within our body and cause cancer and blalbabla and blablabal?

I read in an article that 1 year in a wifi hotspot area makes us absorb radiations is equal to the radiations produced while talking on the phone for 20 minutes. ok thats not that bad, but when it comes to wifi devices, they still arent sure of the total damage! and there is some kind of a property there is, i suppose? like the more farther u get away, the lesser the radiations?
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  1. I have not grown an extra arm in the time that wireless networking has been around, nor from walking around in FM/AM radio or TV or cell phone radiation. I seem to age at the same rate, the food in my house is not walking around on it's own, and the cats have not mutated to 20 feet tall.

    If you need some detailed info you should check on some medical studies not a tech forum probably.
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