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I recently bought a 120hz monitor Viewsonic VX2268wm and nvidia 3D vision. The issue is that whenever i select 120hz for the display, the screen gets all distorted. The text becomes unreadable and the whole screen looks a mess. But while playing games, i can get the stereoscopic effect and all, but not in videos. When running in 60hz, the display is very good. only when i shift to 120hz then it goes all wrong. I have the DVI-D cable and even bought two to make sure if its the problem.Does anybody else have this problem???....Please help me out with your suggestions....My specs are Core i7 with Palit GTX 295 card....\

Below, I have included the image of my problem:
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  1. Anybody.....
  2. did you update the 3d vision and the nvidia control center?
  3. yes....i made a complete driver sweep and installed the newest version of the drivers.....
  4. i would say it might be the video card, but you mention when playing games it plays fine correct? if is not that i would contact Viewsonic
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