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Extremely hot stock i7 core with no oc


Primary Issue:
Cpu temps in the 90c+ range on boot up.
The temperature in the house is ~23c at 20% humidity.

This was first noticed when investigating why the system would intermittently shut down when installing windows 7 (this actually threw me into the failed windows 7 install loop). This is a fresh build and all new components. System successfully posted. The only change to the bios has been a switch to raid mode on the wd hdd (ssd is currently disconnected from sata but has power).

The main problem I was trying to solve were the reboots and shutdowns. The investigation of those problems led to the discovery of the much more troubling temperatures. My hypothesis is that the high core temps are leading to the shut downs.

Additional Details and Circumstances:
The case is currently open with 4 of 5 fans running (side panel fan is currently off). I did re-seat the cpu and the cooler. The thermal paste had been applied but didn't look like it covered the entire top of the surface of the cpu. It's been a very long time since I've built a system so I could've made a very rookie mistake and will not be insulted in the least if very basic things are suggested.

Edit: I'd like to know the community's thoughts on what could be the cause of these temperatures and if the shutdowns are related. Any suggestions on how to fix either or both of these problems is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Second Edit: After some searching (which I should've done more thoroughly prior to posting) I thought it may be a misread related to my re-seat. After some idle time I turned it back on and immediately checked core temp. It starts from cold in the 92c+ range. I powered it down and unplugged and carefully touched the heatsink. The core was warm to the touch but very far from the implied 200f. I will try another re-seat with fresh thermal paste in the morning. Are there any other avenues I should explore?

Please let me know if I've left out any pertinent details. I'll be happy to provide them. Thank you for your help.


asrock z68 extreme 4
core i7 2600k - stock heat-sink and fan
8 gb gskill sniper 1800
evga gtx560ti
rosewill blackhawk case
thortech thunderbolt 1000w
wd black caviar 1tb
crucial 64gb ssd
asus bd
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  1. Could be a bad thermal probe on the motherboard/cpu giving false readings.

    For me, the first thing I would do is dump the stock heatsink and fit a Cooler Mater Hyper212+.

    Are you over doing the thermal paste? I normally put the smallest amount I can get away with and use my finger in a plastic glove to smooth it over the cpu surface, to fill any small gaps in the base finish.
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    Did you verify that all four white nubs are sticking out prorewrly on the back side.
    Have you looked at a youtube video on installation. Concur with das_stig (1) I do NOT even put the stock HSF on, I leave it in the box - It's GREAT to keep the box from blowing away. (2) peas size, stread evenly. For the Hyper 212 application is different.
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  4. Thank you both very much. I did purchase an after-market cooler. While installing it I noticed that the seating for the stock heatsink was attached, but the nubs weren't sticking out of the backside of the board. User error on my part. Hopefully this thread will serve as a reference for people having shut-down and heat issues with a similar setup.

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