What to upgrade next?

Dear Community,

I just started building PC's not too long ago, my first system assembled looks like this:

Case: CM 310
PSU: Antec neo eco 520c , 40AMPs on 12V
CPU: Athlon ii X3 435@3.7 Ghz
Ram: 2x2gb 1333@~1356mhz
HDD: 160gB sata 3gb/s
GPU: HD5770 @ (up to 940/1310mhz) ***I'll wait for next gen on this.(running decent witcher 2)
Heatsink: Hyper 212+ push/pull

So, I just want to add something, I was considering, a new case, or another HDD, more ram? What would you add next? ANY suggestion is appreciated! Thanks in advance! Note: later this year or next I am planning a new build, either with Bulldozer, or Ivybridge, So any part i get I can reuse Thanks
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  1. There honestly is not much to upgrade. That's a very balanced system, nice job. I personally would upgrade the HDD, just because I could churn through 160GB pretty quickly :p
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    The biggest real world performance increase you would see without a full overhaul is a boot drive SSD imo.
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