What's max ram gb on a sa-945gzm-s2 mobo


What's max ram capability on this mobo?

Vendors state 2gb is max, Giga says 4gb but doesn't indicate which mainstream 2gb sticks would be compatible and in what combination.
Also, what version of windows/bios update will i need to achieve max gb ram on this mobo (rev3.x) if it is more than 2gb?

Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. I'd use the newest bios, FI because it states: Fix: Some of 1000 GB (1TB) HDDs will be detected size error. So, if you plan on using 1Tb drives or larger this may be required. The manual states nothing about ram other than both slots are needed for DDR, duh.

    Rev2.1 of this board also states 4gb ram as well as rev6.6.


    yet every retail site says 2gb of ram??? Sorry, I'm at a loss for ram.
  2. Your mobo supports upto 4gb RAM [ 2GB per slot ]
  3. Supports 1.8V DDR II DIMM
    Supports dual channel DDR II 533/400 DIMM
  4. To use 4GB or more Ram you need x64 bit version of OS [ But there also limitations for RAM according OS ]

    Here limitation list


    imo go for HOME PREMIUM X64 [ Max 16GB ]
    or HOME PREMIUM X64 [ MAX 8GB ]
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