Max out games with a 550gtx?

Hi I am currently looking at the 550gtx video card for my 1366x768 monitor(yes it is low res). The main reason I want it is due to it being dx11 and just wanting to max out every game I come across for 2011 with AA. I also dont plan on doing any SLI

My build currently is:
core i5 760 running at 2.8 thought i will be overclocking to 3.8 once I actually get the card
4gb of DDR5 1333mhz
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  1. @ this res you might max almost anygame with this card
  2. I believe the 550gtx needs a 400watt PSU, I have a 430 watt Thermal take Tr-2 is that enough?
  3. Personally I wouldn't call this card a gtx but oh well. For some games it is will be fine while it is not going to be enough for a obvious few. I suggest that you look to a gtx 460 or a 6850.
  4. I will call it GTS-550, at 1366x768 you should be able to max. almost any game with the GTS-550 like nforce4max has said with the exception of perhaps Crysis 2 and Metro 2033 in places.
  5. As a warning, your Thermaltake TR2 430W is really a 300 Watt PSU that was transformed into 430 Watts after it was branded as a Thermaltake product probably by their marketing department.

    That power supply can't give you the specified 430W output power. They burn out at much lower loads.
  6. You'll need a real PSU.

    Also, a GTX 460 768MB has markedly better performance for the same price (see Tiger Direct's Sparkle GTX 460 768MB for $139.99 - $35 MIR for $105 final).

    EDIT: There's no reason to overclock your CPU because you get one of these cards. None of them will tax an i5-760. You should overclock because it will make everything else faster.
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