Upgraden second CPU

hi everybody, i have HP Workstation xw6200 Xeon 3.2GHz 1GB 80GB XP Pro

i have one CPU and i when to upgrade to second CPU

My CPU Numbers is

3200DP /2M/800
3633A921 - 0609

it would have to match the step code of My current CPU and Serial

Im Looking and searching internet calling HP Boot No Luck for One Wek

I Checked Ebay and other Searching engines no lack

Help Me Find my machine serial number guys or 2 CPU Seme Serial And Modele Number

i don't want to throw my PC to garbage is god machine for another 5 to 10 years

Thank you..

[:fixitbil:1] [:graywolf]
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  1. That is old and could be very tricky to track down..
  2. What does mean inside Back Of CPU L1 And L2, do i have to have both L1 And L2 CPU tu upgrade to may workstation or to be same L'1 2CPU?
  3. eBay. And yes, they need to be identical CPU's, including the stepping code (SL8P5). L1 and L2 refers to the cache on the CPU. If you get a 3.2 Xeon with stepping SL8P5, you're guaranteed to get an exact match. And if you eBay search that stepping, there's people selling PAIRS of them for $12 buy-it-now.
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