HIS 6850 VS GTX 275 GIGABYTE SUPER 1792 mb

Hi buddy i changed my graphic card now i have his 6850 when i run the games like black ops at ultra setting i think it worse than gtx 275 gigabyte super i mean alittle fps !!!!!!!!
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  1. they are pretty similar in performance. but i would take a 6850 over a gtx275 anyday. the 6850 should be slightly faster overall but may be slower in very few cases. What resolution are you playing at? what cpu do you have?
  2. res:1920*1080 cpu:core i5 750 ram:kingmax 2*2 1600
  3. you might got it wrong running 6850 Dx11 and 275 Dx 9 (ik it has Dx10)
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