WiFi usb adapter Works on one pc and not the other

I have a usb wifi adapter model TL-WN722N and i m currently experiencing problems with my adapter-router connectivity.
I have been using the adapter for about one month now and everything was working fine until for no reason i lost my internet connection ability through my router.

While the adapter seems to be able to connect to the router (i can see other computers through file sharing) i cannot access the internet through it. I have not made any changes to the router. I m using Windows 7 64bit and have installed the latest drivers from the tp link website. I tested the adapter to another pc and it worked fine there (Windows 7 64bit too).
Also, i tried clearing the WINSOCK and ipv4, ipv6 catalogs through cmd and i m still unable to resolve my problem. Even tried to system restore to a day when everything was ok but again no luck. :(
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  1. have you checked for malware?

    Try a program call Malwarebytes
  2. I havent checked with a malware specific program, but wouldnt the antivirus detect it (kaspersky 2011) when it tried to change a system setting?

    Anyway, i ll download malwarebytes and post back with the results...
  3. Install, update and run it in Save Mode with Network
  4. Well i didnt download malwarebytes but i uninstalled/installed the drivers in safe mode and it seems to be working now... Maybe a software conflict? I dont know... Anyway, thank you for your help Emerald!
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