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I cannot download by using the BITS


I used NClauncher to download a game but when I started to download I encounter an error and got this message.

"The server does not support the necessary HTTP protocol. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) requires that the server support the Range protocol header."

I try many about turn off firewall or antivirus but it doesn't work.

Then I go find how to solve this problem in the internet and found this link

I try to use method 1 to solve the problem but when I type the command and enter it show message

"Windows cannot find 'C:\program' make sure you typed the name correctly and try again.. "

then I go look for osql.exe or ExecuteSQL.exe in my computer but they not be found. I think I dont even have them install in my computer and I dont even know what is WSUS and what version do I use.

Please help me solve this problem.

Thank you
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  1. Are u using any peer blocking software?
  2. I live in dormitory and it do block bit torrent.
  3. Do u have the latest NClauncher?
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    Or try it in the safe mode, keep pressing F8 during thestart up.
  5. I think yes because I just download it yesterday.
  6. Alkung said:
    I think yes because I just download it yesterday.

    Try to use older one than.
  7. It does work in safe mode. Thank you nikorr. : )
  8. You're welcome : )
  9. If you can do windows updates, then BITS is working fine also uses that service, so it may be down to blocking.

    If you can't, check services.msc and see if BITS service is active.
  10. and if you are trying to download a pirated game, then don't thats it just don't there's too many excuses not to make stuff for PC's as it is.
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  12. Thanks for the vote : )
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