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sir i wants to use mayamax 3d software what should be the pc configuration that is suitable for smooth working with this software
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  1. Hi,

    Giving out a support contact number? Be fair, stop trying to tout for business, and the business that has been recommended aren't specialists in animation / 3D!!! Those chaps will just look at the minimal required specs, which in 3D terms means nothing.

    OK, back to the question, its arguably one of the most subjective when it comes to specification ;-). 3DS max will run nicely on most general consumer PC's, I have it running on Core i7, 4GB RAM and standard 5200rpm Mac Pro. My models are relatively uncompleted, and the rendering doesn't take too long.

    The general rule of thumb is the more CPU / multiple CPU's and RAM you can throw at it the better. In design mode Max will run smoothly even with fairly large complex models on my PC's, but its the rendering time that greatly benefits from having more grunt. If you want to generate a low-medium polygon count model and use decent sized textures, HDR, etc... then a standard i5 will do the job with 4-8GB RAM, if though you want to produce models like Transformers you're going to need a lot more power, thats when you get into rendering farms. If you want to work on complex models / scenes then

    Don't forget screen resolution is important, a 1920x1080 resolution is good for a amateur, but serious pro's would want at least dual 1080p monitors, if not higher. So you'll want a graphics card that's good enough to power two monitors.

    Also take into account your graphic's application for texture generation, models look great bare bones, but textures are what brings them to life, photoshop is ideal. Then theres composition software (if needed), Discreet (the people who make 3DS max) has combustion and then there is After Effects from Adobe. Again depending if you want to use Video, there's Premiere, Vegas, Final Cut (FCP / FCX).

    One of my recommendations is to buy a cheap server, with as many CPU's and as much RAM as you can afford, run 3D max on your local box to compose your model/s / scene, then off load the rendering onto your cheap server, this means you won't lock up your PC when testing renders, and if you have to leave it over night to finish off a render, great.

    My minimal spec for basic usage;

    Core i5
    6GB RAM
    Decent HD - 2TB+ 7200rpm
    1920x1080 23in+ monitor

    Mid - High spec;
    Core i7
    12GB RAM
    Decent HD - 2TB+ 7200rpm (SSD's, don't know enough about them, but as I'd image the writes are high, I'd be dubious)
    Dual monitors - 1920x1080 23+ monitors

    High spec;
    Xeon multi CPU
    24-32GB RAM
    Dual / triple monitors - 1920x1080 (min res) 27in colour correction monitor

    Production spec;
    Working environment - same as high spec
    Rendering environment - Two+ servers with Quad CPU Xeon's / 32GB RAM+ plus per server

    Hope that helps.
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